Things to Consider When Building a Texas Hold Em Poker Table Top

Before building anything, a good amount of brainstorming, research and planning has to happen. Researching options, determining costs, determining what the finished product will look like is a MUST for any project. This is the very reason why you have to decide to build your own Texas Hold Em poker table top.

A few years ago while visiting my family on the holidays, I happened to see this retail box on theiveness craps table. I happened to think it looked pretty and I thought it would be a great idea to buy it. However, when I purchased it, I realized that it was just too expensive. It was more than I would expect to pay for a poker table top. At the time, I was working at home and making enough money to buy these products around the holidays, but I needed more income.

Since then I never purchased another poker table top, or any other item that I thought would be a good purchase for around the holidays. I thought about it and realized that the table top I received was the one I wanted. All I had to do was replace the felt on it and I would have a new playing surface.

Of course, the first thing I considered was what to do with this old red felt that I had. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then, I thought about what nice looking furniture felt it was and whether or not I would mix it up with the suited poker felt I had been eyeing. Once I thought about that, I thought about the green felt poker table top.

At first, I considered just purchasing the green felt poker table top and saving myself a little work. However, considering the time it took me to purchase new felt and the fact that it might be easier to just purchase a green felt poker table top today, I might put them to use instead.

I’ve been playing on a regular basis and had a lot of friends over to play. When it comes to throwing some cards, it’s all too easy these days. Everyone has them in the garage or around the house, and we all have enough tables and chairs for a handful of players.

Not that I’m saying you should just go out and purchase yet another bola88 table, but I have to say, it’s a little change of pace for sure. We’ve been enjoying poker over the last few years, and the game never seem to slow down. Some of the guys were even starting to play Texas Hold em’ while I was still in college, which made it very easy to jump right into the next game.

Now, we all know that Texas Hold em isn’t our favorite style of play (because it’s not our favorite play), but it’s easy to see how it would be an interesting thing to finish our Love Your Poker Buisness off with a new felt poker table top. I guess we should have dropped by the local discount store before we went on vacation.

It’s just a little something we were never able to do before. Now it will be a little more than we had planned. We’ll still have the traditional pokeriture, but with all the others taken care of by the company that provides it, we’ll just have a new poker table instead.